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Welcome to The Real Toolkit
A collection of guides for people with care experience and the people that support them.
Real stands for relationships, empathy and love which is both our vision for young people as well as the guiding principles throughout this resource.

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Young People

Are you a young person transitioning out of care? Do you have care experience? The toolkit offers practical advice to help you navigate the transition and early adulthood in general.

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The Real Toolkit For

The Workforce

Do you work with young people with care experience or young people in care? Explore guides that can help improve the support you provide young people through the lense of relationships.

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What is The Real Toolkit?

The Real Toolkit is a collection of guides for young people in care and the workforce that support them. Real stands for Relationships, Empathy and Love which is both our vision for young people as well as the guiding principles throughout this resource. While the focus is on the transition out of care and the time that comes after that, this resource can be used by anyone at any time.

Who is The Real Toolkit for?

The Real Toolkit is for young people in care, or in the process of leaving care. The Real Toolkit is also for members of the workforce – anyone that works with the young people mentioned above. This includes (but isn’t limited to) social workers, through care workers, housing officers, teachers, foster carers and many more. Young people will find some advice on how to navigate the transition and the support available to them. Whether you are a young person or work with young people with care experience regularly, or just once in awhile, whether you are their main source of support or just one of many supporting them – in this resource you will find advice on how to be and do the best for young people.

How can I become a member of The Real Advisory Group?

How great that you want to join the advisory group. The Real Advisory Group has led the development of The Real Toolkit. We are a group of young people and members of the workforce. The meetings are facilitated by Staf. We are not currently recruiting more members, but if you would like to contribute to the real toolkit, you can register your interest here.

How can I contribute or give feedback?

The Real Toolkit is always evolving and growing, so your feedback and contribution is very welcome. If there is information you would like to add or a question that isn’t answered in the guides, feel free to send us an email. Are you an expert on a topic and would like to see your guide on the toolkit? You can also send us your idea per email.