The Advisory Group

Behind The Real Toolkit is The Real Advisory Group, who guide, steer and lead this project. This project is a genuine co-production, meaning that both young people and the workforce are equal partners and stakeholders in this work.

Why do we have an Advisory Group ?

People matter and their voices are important. The best people to point to the problems and solutions are those that have lived and experienced those problems and solutions. It was important to create a space where young people and the workforce can work together and connect over a common goal. Because, ultimately this toolkit is not just for young people and the workforce, but it is also created by them.

Who We Are

There are young people and members of the workforce from all over Scotland in the group – representing a range of experiences. We have some voices of residential care, secure care, foster care, college students and apprentices as well as a range of professional experience, including throughcare and aftercare.

What We Do

The group meets regularly (up to twice a month) to talk, socialise and work (a little) on the project. The group has made important decisions like: expanding the toolkit to include young people, adding a cat to the main illustration and deciding on the content of the toolkit. Since March 2020 we have been meeting remotely.

Meet some of our members

The Advisory Group is often changing and not everyone wanted to be shown here. So, while you aren’t seeing everyone, all of our members and contributors are equally important. Check back to see new faces or join the group to add your portrait.