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An introduction to the Secure Care Standards

What is the Secure Care Standards and why do they matter? Here you will find some information on what they are, and what they mean for you.

You may have experienced secure care or just want to know more about the secure standards and what they mean for young people in secure care. Secure care can be a difficult time for young people who are placed there – it can be scary and overwhelming. Secure care exists to provide intensive support to young people who have been deemed a risk to themselves. However, no matter the circumstances that leads to the placement – young people have rights that should be protected and realised before their placement, during their time in secure care and when planning to leave. These rights should be communicated to you throughout your experience of secure care, in a way that you understand.

The new national standards for secure care (2020) for first time sets out what support children should expect from professionals when in the community or secure care. The Secure Care Pathway and Standards Scotland will ensure that the rights of children and young people, facing extreme vulnerabilities and risks in their lives, are respected. Some of these rights are:

STANDARD 1 - I am fully involved and influence the decisions and plans about my care and support in a way that works for me. These decisions involve the people who are important to me.

STANDARD 2 - My needs are met by appropriate supports in the community which are right for me and the people who are important to me. These supports help keep me and others safe and prevent my liberty from being restricted.

STANDARD 3 - I am offered specialist support which helps me, and people looking after me, make sense of the difficulties I have experienced. I get the mental and physical health care I need, as and when I need it.

STANDARD 4 - The professionals supporting me understand the impact of any trauma and difficulties I have experienced and they respond to my needs and behaviours sensitively.

STANDARD 5 - I am involved and influence any discussions about potentially restricting my liberty and any decision to recommend secure care in a way that works for me.

STANDARD 6 - I am fully prepared for, and understand, the possible outcomes of any meeting, Children’s Hearing or court proceedings.

STANDARD 7 - I benefit because the people making decisions about me at any meeting, Children’s Hearing or court proceedings fully consider the law and all community based options.

We cannot cover all of the rights here – you should have read over these rights so you are informed on what to expect during your time in secure care and how you can challenge any decisions made for you.

Read more on the Secure Standards here.

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