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Looking after your body & well-being

Taking care of your body is important for your physical and mental health. Here you will find information and advice on well-being and ways you can look after your body.

Knowing what is good for us is easy, applying the knowledge to make positive changes can be difficult, especially if you are dealing with mental health issues or daily life is overwhelming you. It can be hard to fit in time for ourselves and for reflecting on ways to improve our health. There may be obvious things in your life that you know are affecting your health, such as smoking, drug taking, drinking too much or not sleeping or eating properly. These habits can be difficult to change especially if you do not have, or do not access support for it. Asking for help can be daunting – no-one likes to feel vulnerable or judged. That is why you should seek the support of people you trust – even just speaking about these things can be helpful. If these things are causing serious implications in your life, you should seek the advice and support of professionals – they are not there to judge you and it is their job to best support you to make the changes you want to make. You are not alone – whether you are looking for advice to make small changes or you need more intensive support – there are lots of people that may be going through the same thing and places that will help you make the changes you desire. Small steps can make a huge difference and can be implemented in your life over a period of time. The first step is to take a step – no matter how small.

We know that being care experienced can have a negative effect on some aspects of our physical health. One way this is being addressed is through the commitment by the Scottish Government to provide free dental care for everyone up to the age of 26. Issues with teeth can have a huge impact not only on our confidence but our bodies as dental problems can lead to health complications if not treated. If you have issues with visiting dentists, you can search different dentists to speak to and chat through your concerns. You do not need to register with the dentist closest to you and it is important that you find something that makes you feel comfortable and explains everything to you in a way you can understand and allow you to make informed decisions. Feeling confident in accessing health care can be an issue for some people. We sometimes ignore symptoms because we are scared of addressing them; which can make our health worse. If you are concerned about your physical health, you should consult your doctor at the earliest opportunity so they can pick anything up that needs to be addressed and best support you. If you are not comfortable with your current doctor/surgery you can register with a new GP. It is crucial that you have a trusting relationships with your GP and that you feel heard and are shown empathy during your visits. Accessing health and dental care is an important factor is staying healthy and spotting signs of illness and disease. However, the most important person in caring for yourself is you. You know your body, habits and lifestyle better than anyone and only you can decide what steps you can take to improve you overall health. Start small – making small changes one step at a time is the best way to implement new habits and break old habits.

You may want to consider making small changes in relation to some of these areas:

  • Sleep
  • Healthy diet
  • Being aware of your moods and emotions
  • Exercise
  • Have a hobby
  • Be creative
  • Spend time in nature
  • Having positive relationships
  • Rest/me time
  • Access support

You may think that some of these things do not relate to our physical health, such as our hobbies or relationships but your physical health is influenced by your moods and lifestyle. Positive relationships are important but the most important person to have a positive relationship with is yourself. Treating yourself with the care, love and respect you deserve is easier said than done and we can often neglect ourselves while caring for others – it is okay to put yourself and your needs first and your well-being should always be a priority.

You can find more advice and support for well-being and healthy living here.

You can also use NHS informs self-help guide for any symptoms or concerns you may have, here.

Here you can find more information about free dental care for young people up to the age of 26.

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