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Supporting young people with care experience in their job

Getting a job is a major achievement for a young person, let’s make sure they succeed in it. Here you will find information on some ways you can support young people with care experience in their job.

Starting a new job is an exciting time. Whether you are looking to support a young person in their first job or a new job, there are some things to consider to support them through this process. We all need supportive and encouraging relationships – especially during times of change. Young people may be excited but also nervous during this time in their life, being approachable and being there to listen is important. They may just want someone to speak to or they may require more practical advice and support. Whatever your role in a young person’s life, there are things you can do to support them, manage their expectations and be confident in their capabilities and skills.

Some things that a young person may need support with are practical things such as:

  • Work clothes/equipment
  • Transport (giving rides, researching the best route by public transport)
  • Understanding boundaries (how to set them, how to respect them)
  • Getting to know co-workers
  • Notifying benefits/local authority
  • Timekeeping/punctuality

These are just some suggestions – you can help young people to think about these things that they may not have considered. Things like transport are important for timekeeping but there are also boundaries that are important for a good life/work balance. Young people can be keen when starting a new job and can go above and beyond, which can lead to the being burnt-out. Taking some time to have conversations about some of these things are vital so young people have all the information and support to support them during this time.

Another way you can support young people in their job is to support them understand their rights and entitlements in their job. Understanding your rights as a worker is important. Here are some things you can help young people to look at and understand:

  • Understanding their contract and differences in contracts and what that means for employees
  • Understanding their payslip and how to make sense of it
  • Their rights when fired
  • Their rights in relation to time-off, sickness and poor health.

This can be a learning opportunity in supporting young people to understand contracts, how to read them and what the implications are for them.

For information on rights at work visit.

My world of work website has lots of information and advice for starting your first job.

Staf hold care leavers into employment focus groups. These focus groups tackle the issues faced by young people in both accessing and sustaining employment. This group brings together workers from across the public and third sector to discuss and dissect current practice issues. To attend one of these events or to find out more visit - here

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